Stephanie Pronk

Stephanie Pronk

Chief Operating Officer of the Social Enterprise Institute at Common Good Solutions Inc (Canada)

Stephanie has been called a "human swiss-army knife" by a respectable colleague. A jack of all trades when it comes to operations and small business management, she's also experienced in high-level tasks such as: strategic planning, vision/mission and operations alignment, and moving organizations from clear strategy to pointed action. She also makes excellent water-cooler small-talk.

With a focus on the "why" first, paired with a strong project management and execution track record, Stephanie can create a clear plan of action that aligns with key organizational goals. In other words, she gets s#*! done!

Steph currently works for Common Good Solutions Inc. and serves on the Board of the Halifax Music Co-operative (which is AWESOME!).

Steph graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations, minoring in Psychology, with some french training. Since then she's completed consultant training from leading North American consultant Carter MacNamara, and Applied Leadership training through Bluteau DeVinney. She was selected in 2014 for the 21 Leaders program in Nova Scotia, also called 21Inc.