Graham Lewis

Graham Lewis

CEO and Co-founder of Green Propeller (Canada)

Graham is a passionate social innovator armed with international experiences.

Social innovation is Graham’s expertise. He has held executive directorships at IMG Expositions, USA, CEO of Everton in the Community, UK and Head of partnerships at Knowsley Borough Council, UK. He is also the creator of the UK Healthy School Bus initiative. Graham’s innovative vigour took him to China where he founded the Everton in Shanghai partnership for physically challenged youngsters in Shanghai.

Creating social enterprises is in Graham’s DNA. Graham and GenesisXD co-founded the award winning KLINK™ Coffee social enterprise in 2013, to help former offenders re-integrate into the workforce.

Graham continued with his passion in 2015 co founding Red propeller ( social impact recycling) a for profit social enterprise, focusing on specialized items currently not being considered for recycling. VHS tape recycling being the first product, child car safety seats being the second. 2017 Green Propeller ( not for profit ) was developed so as to allow growth with partners whom through their own social missions or governance must only work with " Not for profit " organizations, currently research and development to identify new products continues on a daily basis.