Colin Downie

Colin Downie

Sales & Partnership Director of The WildHearts Group (United Kingdom)

Colin Downie is the Sales & Partnership Director at The WildHearts Group and sits on the board of Social Enterprise UK. Colin is a founder member of WildHearts and has 20 years’ experience in Business Development and Entrepreneurialism. Colin is passionate about business, leadership and entrepreneurialism being utilised as powerful tools for global and social change.

The WildHearts Group launch companies that through their activities and profits deliver entrepreneurship education in the UK and Microfinance globally.

WildHearts Office is a social enterprise that enables our customers - who include global brands such as Deloitte, Serco and Johnson & Johnson - to make a positive social impact both at home and abroad, through simply purchasing their essential business supplies; transforming an everyday expenditure into a powerful social investment. Our main service lines include stationery, archiving/box storage, printing and furniture.

WildHearts Events hosts, organises and co-develops business events for our corporate client base from conception to execution.

The WildHearts Foundation runs two distinct social output programs; the multi award-winning enterprise-education program Micro-Tyco, providing free enterprise education to over 40 000 young people in 20 countries. It also has established microfinance investment programs in over 37 countries globally.