Andrew LavuLavu

Andrew LavuLavu

Founder and Director of Home Ownership Pathway (New Zealand)

15 years in the Corporate and Business field in Technology, Property Financial services having worked in the UK and NZ. His most recent role was 2 years as CEO and founder of a Housing Trust set up to assist Pasifika and Maori families into Home Ownership. Andrew has held senior roles with F100 Tech companies in the UK and NZ managing budgets of up $16m p.a. The following companies Ingram Micro, Melbourne IT, M-Tech Data (UK) and Finlay James (UK)

He has lived and worked in London and Manchester for 5 years where his son was born, he then returned to NZ 10 years ago. He now has 3 boys and has settled in Auckland from Wellington earlier this year with his family.

Andrew is passionate that there are a lot of benefits other than owning a home associated in the journey to achieve home ownership and he believes all kiwis have the potential to achieve this home ownership aspiration and feel empowered.

Our social enterprise has a purpose to increase the Home Ownership rates and create social equity. The target group of low to middle income earners with high consumer debt has meant a niche market traditionally left to sort out their own finances due to the nature of the Home Lending industry, most people can never achieve that goal.

We offer a service to educate, mentor and capture first home buyers well before the stage of them even completing an application form for lending with a mortgage broker or Banking lender. The average time frame is 2-3 years until this can occur. As our purpose is not solely to turn a profit, this new model of social enterprise allows us to collaborate with philanthropy funders and government funding agencies who share a common outcome for our niche target group. This model allows us to create the social equity between those in home ownership and those not.

The Social Enterprise model also means sustainably long term as this gap in the market is always increasing. Our goal is national scale and even international long term however if we can help just one family, then we’ve achieved something worth while.