The theme for SEWF 2017, “Ka koroki te manu – Creating our tomorrow”, is an invitation to create a global legacy of positive change and to take an active role in shaping the world’s future. Just as the first birdsong welcomes the potential of tomorrow, SEWF 2017 is a chance to come together and explore the endless possibility in ours.

Programme overview

The programme gives delegates a chance to personalise their experience, with multiple streams and activities to choose from. The various streams and the participative format of the forum will enable us to celebrate diversity, share real stories and insights, inform, inspire, educate and learn from each other.

This is an overview of the three days of the forum. More details about specific sessions or events will be released soon.

Check out our confirmed speakers - more of them will be announced soon!




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Explore Christchurch with our local social enterprise tours (September 25 & 26)


The backdrop of SEWF 2017 is the transitional city of Christchurch and its community’s spirit of innovation and positive disruption.

To give you a better understanding of the Christchurch social enterprise sector, we are inviting you to join us for tours of local social enterprises and to experience their work first-hand, in the two days preceding the forum (September 25 & 26).

Pre-forum tours include:

Sweet Justice chocolate factory - Trade Aid: Social Enterprise Site Visit

Take a tour of this wonderful Fair Trade Chocolate Factory and learn about the Sweet Revolution they are engaged in.

Fair Trade Coffee Tour

Visit a number of organisations working with and on the Fair Trade coffee movement, trial their delicious products, and learn about the inner workings of this movement in New Zealand and abroad.

Lyttelton Port Community Visit

Take a trip through the tunnel to the lively port town of Lyttelton, and experience a living economy in action.  You will feel welcomed and get to see initiatives that are all values based: community-managed assets, local and co-operative food movements, time banks, savings pools.

Cultivate Christchurch

Get your hands dirty for a few hours on this Urban farming social enterprise. Work with the founders and learn about their wonderful work engaging young people and the community to grow food and live lives they value.

Kilmarnock Basecamp Tour

Experience one of New Zealand's most established social enterprises, and see first-hand the incredible things that can be achieved when adults with intellectual disabilities are empowered to embrace opportunities and see their own individual worth. Kilmarnock is in the business of changing attitudes. Their commercial success as a contract manufacturer shows the community just how valuable an inclusive and diverse workforce can be. Come and visit them in their brand new-purpose built Basecamp and witness for yourself the power of purpose.

And more to come!

Coming soon

Workshops and Participative sessions

Workshops and Participative sessions will enable you to share your experience, discuss best practice and challenges openly, and learn from others. The themes and topics for the workshops and participative sessions will be announced at later stage. If you are a practitioner and are interested to organise a workshop or to intervene as speaker in a participative session, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Open Stream

The Open Stream will help you organise your own meetings or workshops during the three days of the forum. Through the mentor bar or other dedicated networking areas, it will also help you meet the right people. More details about the booking of the meeting rooms or dedicated areas will be announced soon.

Transitional City Stream

The Transitional City Stream opens Christchurch up to forum delegates. It will enable you to engage with the people of Christchurch and to take part in a pool of events and festivities organised by the local community, during the week of the forum. The full programme of the Transitional City Stream will be announced in the coming months.