Join us for 8 days of social enterprise experiences with the Transitional City Stream

We’re excited to announce the programme of the Transitional City Stream, made possible thanks to the continuous support of the Christchurch City Council. The 8-day programme of social enterprise tours and activities, from September 23rd to September 30th, will enable you to experience NZ social entrepreneurship first-hand by getting to know local practitioners and the wider communities, from the city to the peninsula and rural areas. The programme includes: 

  • 25 local tours of social enterprises and communities touched by the social enterprise vibe, with more than 20 host organisations. To give you a taste: tours will be about urban activation, community gardens, indigenous social enterprises and other 11 themes!
  • Marketplace: plenty of food trucks and market stalls will be waiting for you around the Forum venues. Meet the locals and use vouchers to delight your taste buds!
  • Public talks, educational and inspirational (programme coming soon). 

Click here to read more about local tours. All SEWF 2017 delegates get a chance to sign up for the tours as part of the registration process.

Pitch Olympics: find out who the lucky teams are!

As you know, we’ll be holding a Pitch Olympics at the Forum (evening of Sept 28), an exciting pitch competition between social entrepreneurs from across the world. Here are the first teams we’ve selected to take part in it!

After the founders Dr. Chong-Wey Lin and Momo Huang experienced family members and seeing others being excluded from events and social participation in general, the idea of OurCityLove was born. OurCityLove creates awareness of, understanding and empathy towards the various forms of mobility impairment both temporary and permanent. By doing so, the public and private sectors are encouraged to improve the environment and their services, and then we can work towards establishing a set of norms and standards for a friendly city and world.
Danny den Hartog will present Lendahand. In high-income countries small and medium enterprises (SMEs) provide 60% of the jobs. In emerging countries, like the Philippines, Colombia and Ghana, they only account for 30% of the jobs. The best reinforcement for any economy is a strong middle class. All the more so in emerging countries should SMEs contribute to economic growth. If employment grows, poverty reduces. Lendahand provides meso credit to give the companies a push in the right direction.
Amanda Kiessel will be pitching about the Good Market, which purpose is to support an emerging new economy that is good for people and good for the planet.The Good Market web app is a curated community that makes it easier to find and connect with social enterprises, responsible businesses and changemakers.There are nearly 400 vendors on the site across all sectors of the economy.  The Good Market community in Sri Lanka is beta testing the platform, participating in focus groups, and providing feedback.

Do you help Social Enterprises with capability development? Join the Intermediary Stream!

At the Forum, we’ll be running a special stream for organisations that provide training, capability development, and incubation for social enterprises. In this stream, you'll have the opportunity to discuss common challenges that intermediaries experience, with topics such as: business models for intermediaries, impact investment readiness programmes, developing the ecosystem (funders, legislators, investors, etc.), and more! 

Here, have a quick look at what we've got prepared for you: 

  • Meet your fellow intermediaries at the Intermediary Dinner (Sept 26, at own cost)
  • Take part to the Fail Fest and celebrate your stories of failures (Sept 27)
  • Come to the Pitch Olympics and learn best practices (Sept 28)
  • Join the Intermediary Day, with facilitated sessions and workshops just for you (Sept 29)

The intermediary stream is FREE to attend as part of your SEWF registration.

If you want to be part of the conversation, please confirm your interest here

Meet our 5 new partners

The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade innovationXchange was launched in 2015 to catalyse and support innovation across the Australian aid program. The innovationXchange shares learnings and brokers new connections so that innovation becomes intrinsic to the delivery of the whole aid program. All of the innovationXchange’s learning, experimenting and partnerships give effect to the 2030 Agenda, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

We’re extremely pleased to welcome them as a Silver partner, enhancing the Australian presence at SEWF 2017 and the tight relationships between the NZ and the Australian social enterprise ecosystems. innovateXchange’s involvement will bring insights and context to the contribution many social entrepreneurs make to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 


ChristchurchNZ is proud to sponsor Social Enterprise World Forum 2017. 

ChristchurchNZ General Manager – Strategy and Planning Steve Perdia said the social enterprise sector has the potential to make an important contribution to the economy.

“Businesses are starting to think more about their impact – socially, environmentally and economically.

“Christchurch is a city of opportunity, the changes taking place in the city and the approach to business and innovation are attracting top talent from New Zealand and around the world. People want to be a part of creating New Zealand’s newest city, it’s an exciting place to be, where we can truly shape and equip the city for future generations.

“We can’t wait to welcome the SEWF17 to Christchurch and showcase all the city has to offer.”


ChristchurchNZ is also supporting the Open Stream by offering all of the SEWF 2017 delegates access to their co-working space - the Greenhouse - across the three days. Along with the Vodafone Innov8 building and the BizDojo, these three venues, all located next to each other, will form the Open Stream hub where delegates will be working on their own business, receive mentoring and coaching, and host their own meetings and conversations. 


Philanthropy NZ has come on board as partners for the Forum and will co-deliver the Investment Breakfast along with EY. This event will invite key stakeholders to be briefed on global market developments, consider the big opportunity for New Zealand, and get behind the launch of a NZ impact investing network that will support the development of the impact investment market in New Zealand. 

Philanthropy NZ Chief Executive Tony Paine says ‘we are supporting this event as a way of furthering the work we are doing to build impact investment as an option for the philanthropic sector, and specifically the new Impact Investing Community of Practice we are helping convene.’


Christchurch Airport have increased their support to the Forum. In addition to their contribution to the initial bid to host SEWF 2017 in New Zealand, they have now come on board as an official partner, financially supporting the event.