We’re pleased to announce seven new partners signed up in support of SEWF 2017.

As we’ve been keeping ourselves busy putting together the final details of the SEWF programme in the past few weeks, we have also formalised a number of exciting new partnerships and we want to take this opportunity to announce them all. 

The range of skills, expertise, insights and support that these new partners are bringing to the event and to the sector is incredible: financial consultancy services, Māori economic development strategy, impact-focused trust and grant maker, tertiary education, corporate sustainability champion and news & media expert… We have been overwhelmed by the strong interest in SEWF 2017 and we can’t wait to work closely with each and every one of these partners leading to the Forum and after the event. 

This is a sign of growing support for the social enterprise sector, and a demonstration of how the roles and responsibilities of the private, public, and community sectors are shifting and merging into new models of interdependence that will shape the future of business. 

Gold partner:

is coming on board as the fourth Gold Partner of SEWF 2017. We are thrilled to welcome them to the project and we look forward to introducing them to our tight group of corporate partners! 

EY is committed to using their global reach to build a better working world and to convene the conversation about the challenges facing economies and the capital markets. Do we even need to say much more about what a perfect fit it is with this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum? Having EY’s input into conversations around sustainable growth, the future of business, greater and more innovative ways of collaborating, or social impact investment, will be of immense value. 

As EY says: when business works better, the world works better. We can’t wait to discuss at the Forum how we can all contribute to making it happen!

Silver partner:

He kai kei aku ringa is the Crown-Māori Economic Growth Partnership and national Māori economic development strategy.  It provides a vision for a productive, innovative, export-oriented Māori economy driven by whānau.  Literally it means ‘providing food by my own hands’, which is perfectly aligned with the theme for SEWF 2017, ‘Ka koroki te manu - Creating our tomorrow’. It is about taking ownership of our future, it is about the resilience and self-determination of Māori people which will be a key focus at the Forum, as we discuss how kaupapa Māori values have been contributing to the social enterprise sector. 

Session partners:

J R McKenzie
The J R McKenzie Trust has already generously contributed to our SEWF Bursary Fund, enabling Kiwi social entrepreneurs to attend the Forum and take part in the conversation. We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership is now taking a new dimension, with the Trust coming on board as a Session Partner. This session is part of the launch of a new 20-year programme: What changes will enable all our children, young people and whānau to flourish? How do we reduce the number of children and families living in poverty through improving systems?  The Trust needs your Big Ideas to make it happen and is prepared to fund some to be developed, tested and brought to life. At a Participative Session (Thursday September 28th), the team working on the programme will pick your brains and encourage your creativity and assistance with this large but vital challenge.

The University of Canterbury 
UC has been an active supporter of SEWF 2017 since Day One and has been involved in the co-creation process that led to the launch of the final 3-day programme packed with 40 sessions for delegates to choose from on 27-29 September. Having the voice of tertiary educators who grow, connect with and support the next generations of Kiwi leaders at the Forum was always a no-brainer. How could we discuss ‘Creating our tomorrow’ without their knowledge and insights into the needs, dreams and challenges of the next generation of entrepreneurs? The University and its team at the UC Business School will introduce the Participative Session on ‘Social enterprise in education’ (Friday September 29th) - we’re extremely grateful for their support! 

“Helping develop the next generation of business leaders is critical to the mission of the UC Business School. Recognising the growing importance of social enterprises, we are delighted to be associated with SEWF 2017 through our support of the session ‘social enterprise in education – opportunities and challenges’.” 
- Paul W. Ballantine (Head of UC Business School)

Air New Zealand
It is our privilege to welcome Air New Zealand - as our national airline, as an integral part of our nation’s brand, and as a sustainability champion - to our circle of partners.  In line with the company’s commitment to act and promote sustainability to reflect New Zealand's commitment to the environment, Air New Zealand will be bringing you the Plenary session on ‘Guardianship, stewardship and the environment’, taking place on Thursday September 28th. This session will explore our role as custodians of the land on which we live and work - we very much look forward to the conversation!

Media partner:

Scoop Publishing Limited is a social enterprise and as such is the national media partner of choice for the Forum. Scoop's mission is “to be an agent of positive change” and as such the independent news website has transformed the news environment by providing an open forum for a variety of perspectives to coexist just as the sources intended. Scoop believes in the power of information to transform lives. We very much look forward to working with the editorial team in the next few months! 

Beyond the Reef - Indigenous Social Enterprise Tour: 

Before the forum begins, join us for a one-day social enterprise tour hosted by The Southern Initiative & the Department of Internal Affairs, and experience the vibrancy of Māori and Pasifika ventures. Visit the Polynesian capital of the world - come and immerse yourself in Auckland’s rich culture and diversity and see how this has shaped indigenous social ventures. Celebrate with four unique indigenous social enterprises in Auckland and learn about how they blend culture, mission and profit.

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