October saw the 2016 Social Enterprise World Forum assemble in Hong Kong, hosted by the HK General Chamber of Social Enterprises, in collaboration with Home Affairs Bureau.

Ākina Chair, Anake Goodall, presenting at Social Enterprise World Forum 2016 in Hong Kong


This year’s theme was “New Frontiers, New Markets”.

The event brought 1000 delegates together to talk about how social enterprise is reshaping the economy on a local, national and global level, while also initiating conversations about the influences and impact of social enterprise within other sectors.

We were proud to have had such a strong delegation represent New Zealand, with 18 people making the journey across the pacific to attend.

The New Zealand delegation: Jason Pemberton (Ākina), Levi Armstrong (Patu Aotearoa), Karen Abplanalp (British Council), Michelle Sharp (Kilmarnock Enterprises), Lani Evans (Vodafone Foundation), Helene Malandain (Project Director of SEWF 2017), Alex Hannant (CE of  kina), Rachel Wright (University of Canterbury), Ben Gleisner (Founder of Conscious Consumer), Anake Goodall (Chair of  kina), Puamiria Parata Goodall (Te Pakura), Vivien Maidaborn (Unicef NZ) and Cliff Colquhoun (CBEC).

As the event wrapped, the organising team in Hong Kong passed the torch to the  kina Foundation for the next chapter of SEWF’s journey: 2017 in Christchurch.

Alex and Anake receiving the honour of hosting Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Since our visit to Hong Kong, we’ve been very busy. In November, we hosted two public consultation events in Christchurch and Auckland, where we shared what’s been co-designed to date for the Forum's programme and asked for input from the community to create the event they want for Christchurch and for New Zealand.

Anake and Helene presenting at XCHC in Christchurch on November 10

Last week, we hosted the Wellington Social Enterprise Meetup, and shared the details of Alex’s experience in Hong Kong and what we hope to achieve as a result of next year’s event in Christchurch. Read more about Alex’s experience in Hong Kong here.

Next up on the calendar is a visit from Gerry Higgins, Founding Member of the Social Enterprise World Forum. Gerry will be in the country for a week to assist with the development of the SEWF 2017 programme.

While he’s here, he’ll also be speaking at the Wellington Public Consultation event on December 7. We look forward to sharing our work with Gerry and are aiming to unveil key aspects of the programme on our website in January.

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