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The Forum’s Pitch Olympics

During Social Enterprise World Forum 2017, we’ll be holding a Pitch Olympics, an exciting pitch competition between social entrepreneurs from across the world.

It’s a new year, and we’ve been working hard on a programme design which will motivate, inspire and connect you with social enterprise innovation from around the globe. One of the highlights of the programme will be our speaker lineup, and we’re excited to showcase the first of them here. 

Become Charlie at a Sustainable Chocolate Factory

As the countdown towards Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 continues we’re excited to let you know about the plethora of excellent activities to engage in before the Forum. 

To give you a better understanding of the Christchurch social enterprise sector, we offer you the opportunity to join us for tours of local social enterprises to experience their work first-hand, in the two days preceding the forum (September 25th and 26th). Click here to read more about the local tours.

October saw the 2016 Social Enterprise World Forum assemble in Hong Kong, hosted by the HK General Chamber of Social Enterprises, in collaboration with Home Affairs Bureau.

Ākina Chair, Anake Goodall, presenting at Social Enterprise World Forum 2016 in Hong Kong

What you Need to Know About the NZ Bursary Fund

We are pleased to announce the NZ Bursary Fund. The aim of this fund is to allow a diverse range of participants to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 through minimising financial barriers.